IP Telephony/Call Center solutions Digium, Askozia, Sangoma FreePBX, Aheeva

The Asterisk has most implemented IP Telephony solutions in the world. You can have a variety of features from the simple PBX system to Unified communication system including Video call.

We provide both out-of-box and customization IP Telephony based on Asterisk, to make sure that your communication will be improved according to the Business process as well as cost effective.

  • Digium Switchvox SMB/Cloud, Interface card, Software licenses, Phones
  • Donec fermentum porttitor nuncs.
  • Askozia Intutive Ip-PBX on embeds devices, Physical Servers and Visualize
  • FreePBX OSS with commercial module add-on for Cloud and on premise
  • Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Ericsson-LG, Grandstream IPPhone
  • Professional services, IVR design, Application integration and DR for IP-PBX
  • Call Center/Contact Center PBX and Software integration


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Anasx Ltd, established in 2014. We focus to deliver IT professional services and System integration. We adapt the new technology and make our customer have the most suitable solutions as well as cost effective for their business required. We are located in the middle of Bangkok city, Thailand. Our support team can provide rapid response when you have an unexpected event happen that require an attention.

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