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You might take a tour on the detail of our Services and Solutions provided in this page. Check out the numerous details of how we are working professionally at the same time with flexibility with our senior nice team working, also includes some of the specials we are on, we know you’ll love to hear from us more! Have a quick look and pick the phone or leave a mail to get in touch with us for any inquiries. You will find our contact from here. We surely shall be a part of your successful business in nearly future.

Our Process


To make sure we fully understand on the business requirement. We always emphasized this matter of time with our client. In this state we can summarize the requirement and mapped to the solutions for the reviews. Once we have the same picture, both parties would be able to set the expectation and outcome as well as a cost estimate.


We can provide presentation and simple diagram of the software & hardware components in the solutions that we propose. Our client will be able to reviews the solutions at the glance and would properly feedback or questions to our presale specialist. This state, client may require Demo or Prove of Concept (POC).

Contract &

To propose final Contract, cost estimation and delivery. We will summarize and go through all proposals or request for quotation to our client. We can provide legal contract, according to the term for both parties, if it required. After final agreement, we can manage the estimate time of arrival for all equipment and implemented according to plan which has agreed.

Delivery &

We always aim to schedule, implement as fast as possible, yet our work must be precise according to the plan and quality. We can offer special instruction manual that specific to system or solutions that we provide to the client’s administrator for reference. To provide the ongoing support, we have a Technical Helpdesk to support via Call, email or Remote access for any inquiry regarding the delivered.

Why you may consider us?

  • We are skilled Computer and software engineer of more than 10 years, which have experience of working from understanding your business need until delivery and ongoing support.
  • We emphasized customer business for cost effective solutions and rapid professional ongoing support.
  • We are IT technology addicted, we are fast to adapt new technology to make sure that our customer always getting more benefit from latest technologies available.
  • We are flexible, we love to hear our client and let's discuss the most and best possible solutions to implement.
  • We understand the Risk of solutions we are specialized and we know to prevent them. Make sure to customer to continue the business smoothly.
  • We work closely with our Technology vendor both Software and Hardware. We invest in our team for enablement and Certified Training. We keep our self practices to new products and troubleshooting technique and to know when we shall apply.
  • We always love of what we are doing :)
  • We are speaking English, Malay and Thai

What’re our Solutions Specialize?


Internet Security

To protect your working network from the thread outside world.
We provide solutions to manage to Internet security for WEB. We can control the web / content / advertisement / social network filtering, video and adult image/video blocker to prevent the user browsing inappropriate website, it can control on any devices or using user authentication with time-base approach. It can integrate with your current Windows Active Directory or LDAP server that exist. Also you can benefit with Antivirus traffic scanning, preventing attacker network (scam/spam, phishing, malware). We have our own researcher and specialist to make sure that you will follow the update on latest change on the internet today and future.



Media/Web Caching for Telco/Enterprise

Optimized content delivery and maximize the bandwidth.
We provide solutions for WEB Surfing Bandwidth optimization and control. Your staff/employees or end-user (ISP) will have a better experience of faster internet and also we provide the system for you to control YouTube video preview resolutions, web traffic compression as well as security functions and other unique feature for web access control. The solutions also will use for Data offloading for Wifi campus, 3G/4G LTE and CDN. The solutions support both HTTP/HTTPS communication protocol.



IP-PBX Asterisk Based

Turn Key solutions with customization services for Corporate and Call Center
With the proved of Asterisk IP-PBX solutions worldwide. You now can have intuitive IP-PBX system and Unified communication Voice/Fax/Video for your organization. We provide turnkey solutions starting from Telco Telephone number subscription (Digital E1 or Analog or SIP), system implementation on premise or on the Cloud, manage business requirement and call flow, system customization to integrate with CRM/ERP application or Call center system and ongoing support including Disaster recovery. We skill of Digium Switchvox, Azkozia, FreePBX and Asterisk Business edition.



Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect your critical system with High availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. When your Business Continuity is compulsory.
We provide the services to protect your critical system with using SUSE Cluster technology and also using DRBD for Data protection. SUSE Cluster well knows and robust to many application/services on Linux. It can be working together with DRBD to protect your DATA with low cost on a single server. Both SUSE Cluster and DRDB support Remote Networks very well by using the Extension Geo Cluster and DRBD Proxy. You can save budget compare to having shared storage, with superior performance. On Simple environment, we provide Disaster recovery Solution on NetIQ Platespin. It provides RaaS (Recovery as a Service) for Hosting service/ISP to protect Windows or Linux OS environment, it does not need any advance knowledge to operate. You can actually reduce a lot of time to have your Disaster Recovery system for your Business in place. Also, we are doing Server migration services for Windows and Linux on both Physical or Virtual server environment. We assure to make your project be on time with your new infrastructure.

About Us

Anasx Ltd, established in 2014. We focus to deliver IT professional services and System integration. We adapt the new technology and make our customer have the most suitable solutions as well as cost effective for their business required. We are located in the middle of Bangkok city, Thailand. Our support team can provide rapid response when you have an unexpected event happen that require an attention.

Let's talk with us and you will find how we are useful.

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