Askozia มี release update 4.0.2 

Askozia มี release update 4.0.2 : 2015.06.01 มี MA กดอัพเดทได้เลยครับ ลองแล้วไม่มี update bug อะไรครับ

+ add added local call recording (stored on external storage) with one touch recording
+ add added new scsi driver: CONFIG_SCSI_3W_9XXX
+ add added new storage driver: CONFIG_SCSI_SATA_AHCI, CONFIG_LPC_ICH
+ add added fail2ban filtering support for rejected public access calls
+ add added hooks management (development state)
+ add added button to download xml config without passwords
+ add added new FQDN hostname option: use hostname instead of ip within provisioning files
+ add added button to download logs